Namuluta Jamawa works is one of the administrators of Mwino Supermakets found in Mulawa trading center, Kira, Wakiso District, Uganda. We wanted to find out how the egg business as part of the Supermarket. We therefore asked her some questions related to eggs and this is what she had to say.

Question 1
What is the name of the Business?
This is Mwino Supermarket

Question 2
Where is this located:
Mulawa trading center, Kira, Wakiso District

Question 3
How do you ensure that eggs are profitable for your business?
We just look for the cheapest eggs and that is all. We never care about the size or quality of the eggs for as long as you have the cheapest eggs to supply. We get quotes from different suppliers who come around the supermarket and we never call them since they keep checking on us.

Question 4
Who is your egg supplier?
We really do not keep any in our records and we never contact them as we only wait for the cheapest by listen to several.

Question 5
What challenges have you faced selling eggs?
We do really have challenges for this egg business.

With those few questions we realized, the supermarket did not take the egg business as a one of its core business and never cared about the quality of the eggs but rather the price they buy them from suppliers. Since most people who buy from the supermarket are the middle class, the size of the eggs was never an issue because they only bought trays.