Resty Nakanjako runs a retail shop under the registered name of Resty Nakanjako Solutions in Wakiso District. Resty buys her eggs from one distributor who she trusts will deliver the quality of eggs she needs to sell to her customers and at a price that matches the general market price at any given time.

The following are the keys issues about the egg selling business that Resty Narrates:

  1. Customers Generally love yellow York eggs. However, the size of eggs can be a problem because when layer chickens just start laying eggs, they will start with smaller eggs which are not desirable in the market by customers especially those that pay attention to egg sizes.
  2. Some eggs are poor quality especially if the chickens are not well fed. For example, the eggs may all have a crack at the tip and customers may not like them.
  3. You need to be keen at the look of the egg to determine quality. For example, translucent eggs are of lower quality than more dense eggs. Also pay attention to the colour that can be a sign of eggs going bad due to over stay such as being Greenish.
  4. When choosing a supplier of eggs, choose those that are more trustworthy in terms of pricing since egg pricing frequently fluctuates. The supplier will have pricing information at hand but some will not inform their egg buyers about the changes in pricing that are happening in the market.
  5. To survive well in business, treat the egg customers individually. Some customers will bargain on the price and if it still provides some bit of profit, you can sell to them eggs at a lower price. Other will not mind much and will always buy at the stated price.
  6. The main challenge with eggs is that some times the cost from the farms can really be high and very difficult to convince the customers that the eggs are now very expensive. Many will get used to buying three eggs at Ush 1,000 and are locked to that price. Therefore, in that period you might be forced to sacrifice profit for the purpose of keeping good relationships with customers.

Small retail shops serve lower income people with eggs and their customers are keener about the egg size and appearance that those from middle class customers. It pays to understand these individual preferences and serve your customers appropriately.